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For the first time, I really listened to a TOT podcast, the most recent, (the second to last of the 5d, I think). At first, I found it off-putting - the sound of two married, white people, 100% aligned on the tenets of a novel "religion" rang a lot of my alarm bells, felt cultish, dogmatic, spacey, and not like real marriage/inauthentic. How do they know where the entire world is going? I thought. How do they know what the universe wants when I don’t even know what I want for dinner tonight? I thought. Anyway, I've gotten to know Dr. Gruder really well over the past few years and he's earned my admiration, respect, and patience, so I kept listening. Bottom Line: I found myself agreeing with every single thing that was said and admiring the way it was said. In short, the psychology was impeccable and up to the minute, as if it absorbed and integrated all the science while seeing the implications for the science yet to be done. The whole experience left me thinking, “If they have such command of the microcosm, perhaps they have extrapolated appropriately to the macrocosm…” In short, I finished listening with my mind and heart open to continued growth. Well done! Highly recommended!

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I love this conversation!

This is just great; I love the way these two people riff off each other and come together to discuss some of the most relevant and current ideas and topics facing us as a species and as individuals at this point input collection evolution. Highly recommend. Start anywhere and then listen to some more.